Restaurant Week 2023: Saturday “Unique Finds”

This is the category I was most excited for when it came to exploring Restaurant Week with Visit Greater St. Cloud. The "Unique Finds" category is all about the things that you can only get in our area, or twists on classics. Things that are weird, but in a good way.

Restaurant Week 2023: Thursday “Sweet Treats”

Restaurant Week 2023 continues with Visit Greater St. Cloud, and Thursday's category is one I am beyond excited about, "Sweet Treats!" I have an active sweet tooth (that the dentist keeps reinforcing via cavity fills) and I know just how great the options are here in the St. Cloud area.

My Midwest Kitchen: Venison Steak Pizza

My dad got his first deer of the bow season recently, and sent me home with a fresh package of steak over the weekend. Normally I slice it and pan fry it with plenty of onions and mushrooms, but I had a different idea that I wanted to give a go.

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