An Introduction

Let’s start with a little bit about me.

My name is Abbey. I am a Radio DJ in St. Cloud Minnesota. I host bar trivia on the side. I have a dog named Norman, and a fiance named Cory. I love cold brew coffee, and love seeing new places even more. Pretty generic right?

So why The Small Town Tourist?

Well I was born and raised in the small town of Long Prairie, Minnesota. It had a population of about 3,000 people when I was there and all my friends couldn’t wait to leave, myself included. After high school I moved down to the Twin Cities for college, spent a year and a half there and hated it. It was then when I realized I was meant for small town life.

You might be thinking St. Cloud and it’s surrounding areas aren’t small towns. That’s fair. But even with populations in the 10’s of thousands, they have the small town feel and that’s what I have known and loved about my time here.

The sense of community, the smiling faces, the safety, the pride in the town itself. Those are the things that make small towns great, and what I intend to search out in being The Small Town Tourist.

I want to experience the amazing things small towns can offer. Meat raffles, historical homes, craft sales, sculptures made of scrap metal, specialty foods, summer festivals, hiking trails, swimming holes, parks, murals. Everything.

And that’s what you will find here in this blog. A little bit of everything. Thanks for coming along to experience it all with me. Let’s have some fun!


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