My Midwest Kitchen

My Midwest Kitchen

In addition to exploring all things weird and wonderful about small towns, I have a passion for cooking. Food is a love language for me, and my family and I can’t wait for you to check out some of my favorite dishes.

My Midwest Kitchen: Dairy-Free Tater Tot Hot Dish

The worst part of developing an adult dairy allergy is that I know what I’m missing out on. I love a classic tater tot hot dish made of canned cream of mushroom soup, and lots of shredded marble jack cheese. I haven’t had the dish in years because of my allergy, but tonight I finally…

My Midwest Kitchen: Haluski

I’ll think of a food I haven’t had in forever and fixate on it until I either go get it from somewhere or make it myself. That is exactly what I did with haluski this week.

My Midwest Kitchen: Busch Light Apple Pie

My first thought when this beer hit my taste buds was, “I need to make this into a pie”. Not a normal thought process to have, but that’s how my brain works.

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