A Walk Around Maple Island Park in Little Falls

Growing up in a small town forces you to go to other (slightly larger) small towns for things like doctors, specialty stores, and general supplies. That was the case for me growing up in Long Prairie. My dentist, the Wal-Mart, chiropractor, and closest on-ramp to Hwy 10 were all in the nearby town of Little Falls.

Whenever we went to Little Falls it was always to get something done. There was an appointment or mission that needed to be accomplished, and rarely time for dilly-dallying.

Recently I was in Little Falls for an appointment, and since I am an adult that is on her own schedule, I made time for a bit of said dilly-dallying. I always like to stop at the dam on the Mississippi, even if it is just for a brief moment, but this time I made an adventure of it. Maple Island Park is nearby the dam and I had never been actually set foot in it.
You can see a white bridge from the road, and for years it has been beckoning me to come walk across it and take a walk around the park.

Finally doing just that felt so good.

The park is like something out of a Disney movie. Winding perfectly groomed paths, benches and lamp posts everywhere, a variety of water features, and gorgeous willows along the river. For a small park in the middle of a city it has a wide variety of offerings.

I moseyed around the paths, snapping pictures and taking in the rushing water sound that came from the nearby dam. It was a picture perfect summer day and there were a handful of other people in the park that exchanged smiles and modest waves as we passed on the path.

Overall it was a great way to spend 45 minutes, and I am so glad I finally stopped to see the park. It is a good lesson in making time to do the things we may have been putting off.


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