This Dinosaur in Grey Eagle is Always Festive

Driving home to Long Prairie I will take the route through Grey Eagle, 9 times out of 10. Mostly out of convivence, but also because I want to see what the dinosaur on the corner is dressed up as.

There is a Sinclair gas station at the corner of South Maple Street and HWY 287 that has a giant green sauropod (long neck) dinosaur that is always dressed to the nines. For Valentine’s Day the dino had cupid wings and a bow and arrow, St. Patrick’s Day saw him in his best leprechaun garb, and he always has a vest and bucket hat for fishing opener. And for everyone’s favorite holiday, Deer Hunting Opener, he is of course rocking blaze orange.

This green dinosaur has been dressing up for years and always brings a smile to my face. He makes driving through this small town of only 300 people exciting. Just last weekend I drove by and saw he wasn’t dressed up, but by the time I went home at the end of the weekend, he was in his best Easter Bunny attire (seen above).

To the team at Sinclair in Grey Eagle, thank you for spreading so much joy through your green friend out by the gas pumps. He is always the best part of my drive home.


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