Savoring The Best Weather Days of Fall

Fall is officially here and we have been relatively lucky in Central Minnesota with gorgeous weather. Daytime highs have been in the low 70s, with overnight lows floating around the upper 40s. Absolutely nothing to complain about for early October.

It’s looking like the first full week of the month is bringing us clear skies, highs around 73, and lots and lots of sunshine. I’m soaking up every second of it.

I much prefer summer to fall, summer doesn’t cause my seasonal allergies to flare up, and I’m one of those weirdos that loves to be hot. So these summer-like days in fall are a real treat for me.

To make the most out of one of these perfect weather days I took my dog Norman out for a walk at Bob Cross Nature Preserve in Sauk Rapids. I had never been there before so I didn’t know much other than there were some walking trails, and that was enough for me to load us up and go to the trail head.

We got there and were greeted with blue skies, and trees that were just starting to change colors. The nature preserve itself is mostly swamp land, but the few walking trails that are there are well maintained and we got a good mile walk in exploring the area.

It just felt so good to soak in vitamin D from the sun, and escape from reality for some peace and quiet outdoors. Most of the time when I go for walks I have some sort of media playing in my ears, but I took a break from that on this walk and I didn’t even miss it. I just enjoyed being outside, and it was much needed.

Make sure you spend some quality time outdoors this fall. The weather will change on us at any point, so savor these perfect days while you can.


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