Woman Visits Every Single Wisconsin Kwik Trip on Motorcycle

Whitney Meza is an incredible human being. Not only is she a working mother and military wife, but she is also a photographer and someone who isn’t afraid to push the limits and pursue her passions.

In May of 2023, Whitney completed a task like no other, she visited 546 Kwik Trip locations on her motorcycle, in just 11 days. Averaging 15 hours a day on the bike and hitting about 54 stops a day, she logged 4,550 miles during this project. 503 were in Wisconsin, two in Michigan, and the rest were in Illinois and Southern Iowa. As a long-distance endurance rider, she loves to push herself to see how far she can go on the bike.

What I find fascinating about this undertaking (both the Kwik Trip Moto Takeover and the hobby) is that she is a busy woman. Raising kids, working full time, and just existing as a human takes a lot out of a person, and she still manages to find the time and follow her passion for being on the bike. Whitney is setting the example for her kids that they can do anything that they set their minds to, and she’s also setting that example for other women.

So many times moms and mother figures put their own passions and hobbies on hold to raise and support a family. Prioritizing your family is one thing, but totally losing yourself in motherhood is another, and it is so refreshing to see Whitney leading by example and showing that it is possible to go after your dreams.

Whitney’s still got big plans to hit up every single Kwik Trip location (including Kwik Stars, Stop n Go’s, Kwik Spirits, etc.) in the Midwest and is hoping to knock that off her to-do list sooner rather than later. I can’t wait to follow along with her adventures this summer.

Fun side note to the story, Whitney and I realized that we were actually both at the same Kwik Trip Media Day event that was held for their ambassadors back in November of 2022. Same place at the same time but we had no clue! It was great getting to nerd out with each other on our love for Kwik Trip.

Be sure to follow Whitney on Instagram @whitmeza, and check out the full interview with her on The Small Town Tourist Podcast.


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