A Trip to Alexandria, Minnesota Isn’t Complete Without ‘Nice Juice’

I can’t call a trip to Alexandria, Minnesota complete without a stop at Nice Juicery.

My latest stock of Nice Juice from my recent trip to Alexandria

Inspired by the Alexandria Lakes Area,¬†Nice Juicery is central Minnesota’s first cold pressed juice company. Nice Juicery provides necessary nutrients in the most convenient and delicious way possible.¬†

Alexandria is located on the chain of lakes, and has a strong tourism industry. In the summer months you’ll find people popping in and out of specialty boutiques, candy shops, and restaurants.

Taking a break from being at the lake and walking around Alex, as the locals call it, is a great way to break up the weekend. Nothing is more refreshing than cracking open a cold bottle of “Brophy Wife” (Apple, Pineapple, Mint) and walking around Alex’s booming downtown streets. And at $5 a bottle, it’s a treat that doesn’t break the bank, or your diet.

So what makes Nice Juice so fantastic?

Well it could be the cold press process, which is a method of juicing that preserves more nutrients by avoiding heat. Nice Juice contains pounds of fruits and veggies with nutrients galore. No preservatives, no unfamiliar ingredients, no added colors. It’s just juice.

Or maybe it’s the fact that it is a local business that uses local and organic produce when economically feasible. Local is fresher, and fresher is better!

Or maybe it’s that they named all the juices in the form of puns of local lake names, I know that is what sealed the deal for me.

I luckily have many reasons to find myself in the town of Alexandria. My sister, brother-in-law, and niece all live there, and my uncle owns an auto shop just blocks from Nice Juicery. I can easily drop my vehicle off for service and hike my hind end over for some fresh pressed juice.

The next time you find yourself in the Alexandria lakes area, or just driving through, I highly suggest making a pit stop downtown for Nice Juice from the Nice Juicery. But be warned, you might end up making a habit out of it!


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