5 Reasons Going to an Amateur Baseball Game is Better Than the Majors

Baseball is America’s Pastime. There is nothing like soaking up the sun as bats crack and peanut shells hit the bleacher stands. But going to see your favorite MLB team can rack up quite the bill.

Here are five reasons that attending an amateur or minor league game is way better than seeing the heavy hitters.

Cost – Taking the family to the ball park shouldn’t break the bank. For the most part seeing a baseball team comprised of up-and-coming college players won’t cost you more that $15 a ticket (of course location pending).

Less Travel – Unless you are following the team to Timbuktu, for the most part you won’t have to go far to see a minor team play. Plus you don’t have to worry about getting to a big city to have fun at the ballpark.

Awesome Giveaways – My local team does some really cool giveaway nights. There are hats, gym bags, dog toys, they even make trading cards of local military members.

Chill Atmosphere – Everyone there is just so relaxed. They have a drink in hand. The kids get to go on the field and play games. People are proudly wearing their team’s gear. It’s just great to be surrounded in that energy.

Local Concessions – This year at my local team’s ball park, they teamed up with a brewery in town to make their very own beer for the summer. Local supporting local. Love it.

What is your favorite sport to watch in the summer? Share it with me in the comments! PS: Go St. Cloud Rox!


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