A Weekend at Trapper’s Landing Resort is the Perfect Relaxation Vacation (And Perfect Place to Get Engaged!)

Rewind for a moment to March of 2018. My now fiance’s (more on that later) family had won a weekend stay at Trapper’s Landing Resort on Leech Lake in Walker on a charity auction. Fast forward to June of 2019, we were finally taking the trip.

We had a Saturday through Monday trip booked. Most of the time I’m the ultimate researcher when it comes to going new places, but after the insanely busy Winter/Spring I had, I just wanted to pack up and head to the lake with absolutely zero expectations. So that’s what I did.

We arrived around noon on Saturday to find an impeccably landscaped and maintained row of lake side cabins. And by cabin’s I mean mini condos. These buildings are nicer than any place I have ever lived. Our cabin had three bedrooms and three and half bathrooms, a full kitchen and living space and quaint patio out back with a grill.

We spent the early afternoon exploring the resort, walking down to the marina, testing the water temp at the beach, and floating around with cold drinks in the pool.

After we got out of the pool Cory’s mom and I went for a power walk. I didn’t think anything of the fact that no one else wanted to go with. Cory’s dad and Brianna’s boyfriend were fishing, Cory was grilling, and his sister was focused on getting some sun.

We did a solid 1.73 miles in 85 degree heat, which is no joke. We came back and I saw some balloons tied to trees towards the lake. The front desk had mentioned people coming in to the adjoining cabin to ours, so I thought they had arrived and were celebrating a birthday. I grabbed a water and joined everyone else in the backyard.

I get out there and soon realize there is no birthday party, but instead in the 40 minutes Barb and I were gone, everyone else had set up a proposal. There was a giant heart made in the grass of purple golf balls that had “Abbey Graves” and “Marry Me?” written on them. There was also a “G” and “Mr.” and “Mrs.” signs leaning up against a tree.

I was in total shock. Cory told me to stand inside the golf ball heart and asked me to marry him. My response: Yes! I’m sweaty did you have to do this now?! He said, “Yep!”.

I was also super swollen from my warm power walk and had a hard time getting my usual ring off my finger to put on the new one. She came off with a tug and the new one went on.

For the first time in my life I was truly speechless. I was 100% completely surprised. I had no idea that this was going to happen on my chill lake getaway weekend. Come to find out, everyone else in my life knew. Coworkers, family members, friends. Everyone knew except me. It makes me wonder what else is being kept secret…

The rest of the weekend was spent lazing around the resort. We ended up with cold and windy weather on Sunday, but we still managed to spend a good hour in the heated pool. We got a pontoon out for some fishing on the lake as well.

If you ever go, I suggest taking advantage of the $10 bottomless mimosas or Bloody Mary’s. They pair nicely with a giant pretzel from The Merit Lakeside Dining and Cocktails that is part of the resort.

It truly was an amazing relaxing vacation, and Cory’s sister and dad both said we should make it a yearly trip. I know I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to it!

Thank you Trapper’s Landing Resort staff for all your hard work taking care of the grounds, facilities, and guests. I couldn’t have asked for a better engagement weekend!


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