OOf-da Tacos are a Minnesota Festival Delicacy

This past weekend Moondance Jammin Country Fest took over Walker, Minnesota. I had a couple of first time Jammers with me for it this year, and as we were doing our initial walk around the grounds, my friend Lindsey and I noticed the OOf-da Tacos trailer and both gasped in excitement.

OOf-da Tacos is an absolute delicacy at Minnesota festivals. They are elephant ears (fry bread) topped with taco meat, lettuce, cheese, olives, and sour cream. The flavors and textures all work together in perfect harmony and taking a bite just makes your soul sing.

Based in the small town of Erskine, Minnesota (real small, the population is just over 500) Parenteau’s OOf-da Tacos has been a family business traveling through Minnesota for three decades.

Greg and Donna have owned and operated Parenteau’s OOf-da Tacos Inc. for 24 years. They are 1 of 3 franchises of OOf-da Tacos Inc. founded by Don & Sharon Ramberg of Mentor, MN. It has remained a family business for the past 37 years, serving our very loyal guests the most unique fried bread tacos with a Scandinavian flair. Parenteau’s OOf-da Tacos Inc. travels throughout Minnesota with 2 mobile concession stands.


Tacos aren’t the only thing on their menu either. Nachos, taco in a bag, salads, and even desserts get sent out the truck window. We tried their Elephant Ear with Strawberries and whipped cream this weekend and it was the perfect sweet treat between sets at the country festival. Pro Tip: make sure to add some of the icing to the top, they keep next to the other condiments!

To sink your teeth into the chewy, savory, satisfying meal that is an OOf-da Taco, check out their upcoming schedule for 2019!

My favorite: The classic OOf-da Taco, no olives and a generous dose of mild sauce

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