This Hidden Central Minnesota Steakhouse Has Incredible Lakeside Views

Isn’t it funny how you can grow up miles away from something but never experience it? That is what happened to me recently.

I knew of Diamond Point Steakhouse on Big Sauk Lake in Sauk Centre. People were always going out for dinner, birthdays and weddings there, but I guess it was just so close it got overlooked. We were missing out.

The drive to get to Diamond Point takes you on windy back roads, and spits you out at this end of the peninsula jutting into the lake. When you get out of your car you are greeted by a gorgeous lookout over a bay of the lake.

Diamond Point is a family owned business that has been here for over 50 years. We pride ourselves in great service, great food, and great get-togethers. 

Diamond Point Facebook Page

The interior reminded me of an old cabin. Wood panel walls, old school lighting fixtures, red pleathery table cloths. It was awesome. Just the ascetic I live for in a restaurant. A place that feels like your aunt’s old lake cabin, homey and welcoming.

The menu has everything from a snack basket of fries, to a 12 oz Ribeye steak. Fresh walleye, chicken dinners, pork ribs with house made BBQ sauce, even a burger topped with prime rib. This place boasts some pretty impressive items, and it all comes served with that great atmosphere, and stunning view of the lake.

Sometimes the best places are the ones that have been right under our noses all along.


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