Sartell Band Guytano Plays High Energy Show at Paramount Center in St. Cloud

As a radio DJ, I have had opportunity to meet and talk with some really cool and talented people. Childhood heroes, rock stars, pop sensations, and a lot of up-and-coming artists.

One of my favorite new bands I’ve interviewed is from the town of Sartell, Minnesota. Guytano came onto the scene a few years ago, and I’ve had the privilege of working with them on numerous occasions. They have come into the studio for interviews, and even endured my crazy interview-people-from-a-hotel-hot-tub phase.

This alternative band is made up of brothers Grant and Eddie Hamilton, along with Isaac Hesse and Colter Benoit.  The band first met in 2010 when attending middle school together, and formed a punk rock cover band. They eventually found their own synth based pop rock sound, and released a full length album of original songs in 2016, as well as an EP in mid-2019. The best way I can describe their sound is a super mature pop/alternative/rock. It’s totally my kind of vibe, growing up as a Warped Tour die hard.

It has been a couple years since they played a “home” show in St. Cloud, and they kicked off 2020 with a performance at the historic Paramount Center for the Arts in Downtown St. Cloud. Luckily it finally worked with my schedule to see this band I have been working with for years.

As my fiance and I arrived at the theater, we were greeted by Paul Hamilton, Grant and Eddies dad, who helps run the business side of the band. It truly is a family affair with Guytano, and I think it makes them that much better. Those small town, central Minnesota values always seem to shine through no matter what projects people take on.

The opening act for the night was a 22-year-old from Minneapolis named Grayson DeWolfe. The kid had some serious pipes, and you could feel the it-factor radiating off of him and his guitar. I can’t wait to see where this Minnesota musician goes.

Then it was time for the main event, Guytano took the stage and started with their single “Please Say No” off their 2019 EP, In Search of an Exit. The crowd was filled with college aged kids singing along, dancing and having a great time, obviously super excited to be seeing these familiar faces on the stage.

The night wrapped up with my personal favorite song of Guytano’s, “Fall Back In Your Arms”. Belting it with 200 other people was a feeling you can only get at live shows, and the fact that the song we were singing was created by artists from our community made it that much more special.

Even my fiance Cory who has never heard a single song of the band’s had an awesome time at the show. So to sum it all up: go support local artists. If you are a super fan, if you only just know of them, heck even if you have never heard a song. See what amazing things are coming from your community, no matter how small it is. You might just be surprised and inspired.


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