Rockin’ Rootbeer is Made in Arden Hills Minnesota

Sometimes being the sober cab isn’t all that bad. You might just find a new favorite beverage.

We were out celebrating my fiance Cory’s birthday, and I offered to drive everyone around for the evening. The group found themselves at Pantown Brewing in St. Cloud, and a sign for root beer caught my eye.

I tried a can, and my life was changed.

Northern Soda Company is located in Arden Hills, Minnesota. It was formed in 2018 by a group of Twin Cities educators who are passionate about creating craft sodas that remind customers of the way soda used to be. They are all about creating a fun and positive product, and place for families to hang out.

In addition to their line of craft sodas, they also have a craft soda taproom. It is a completely family friendly place where people can sample new flavors, fill a growler, and create customized 4-packs of sodas.

Their current selection includes some fun Minnesota themed flavors like “Pontoon Punch”, “Minnesota Apple”, “Due North” (old fashioned lemon lime), “North Coast Cooler” and “Sunday Purple”.

I’m not much of a soda drinker, for reference it takes me multiple hours to finish a can of Diet Coke. But this root beer was gone in a matter of gulps. Of course my friends tried a sip or two, but I did the real damage. IT WAS INCREDIBLE.

Like I said, not big into pop, but I am looking forward to trying more flavors. Gotta love local brews that satisfy the sweet tooth of everyone in the family.


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