Annual Banquet in Burtrum Raises Money to Help Get People Outdoors

The Hub Supper Club on Long Lake in Burtrum is taken over one Saturday every March for the annual Midwest Outdoors Unlimited Banquet. 2020 was the 10th year of this banquet, eight of which I have had the honor of helping out with.

Midwest Outdoors Unlimited‘s goal is to provide outdoor recreational activities for Disabled American Veterans, disabled individuals and disabled youth in Minnesota.

We provide safe, guided, hands-on outdoor experiences. We give friends, family, and the entire community a way to participate with those with disabilities in an open friendly way.

Midwest Outdoors Unlimited

The evening of the fundraiser banquet includes dinner, silent and live auctions, games and raffles.

I got involved in this through my fiance Cory and his family who are part of the committee for the Prairie Partners chapter. When we were dating in high school it was always fun to help with this event because it meant we got to spend a whole day together, and over the years it has evolved into a cause we both really care about, and enjoy being part of.

At first my role on banquet day involved setup and tear down, and selling various raffle tickets and helping run games. Then in 2016 our usual emcee got sick and couldn’t make it at the last minute. Being a radio DJ, I stepped into that role and that is where I have been ever since.

The fundraising events have also evolved over the years as well. In 2019 we decided to add a Purse Bingo event to raise money for MOU and it went over so well we are doing it again in 2020.

Great events for a great cause. What more can you ask for when you get involved with an organization? I look forward to these events every year and can’t wait to see what is in store for the next 10 years.


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