The Story of the Little Falls ‘Traveler’

I’m no stranger to the stretch of Highway 10 between Little Falls and St. Cloud. It’s a route I have traveled countless times, and yet I’m always finding something new.

Over the weekend I was on my way to Little Falls for a dental appointment and I noticed something I had never seen before. That something was Traveler.

This giant stone statue sits on Hwy 10 greeting people as they approach the first exit into town as drivers head north. It was erected by Little Falls Granite Works.

This statue isn’t something the design team dreamed up, it is derived from the Nomadic people – the Inuit – who would build signposts out of stone in the shape of a human to help people find their way in the harsh Arctic landscape. At the base of the statue is an engraved stone that reads:

Traveler experiences life uniquely through their individual journey and are influenced by significant people, events or places along the way. Traveler is meant to represent you and your story.

Visitors are invited to take a selfie with Traveler and share it on social media sharing their own journey. That could include sharing who inspires you, how you try to mentor others on their journey, or a hero of yours.

At the moment, Traveler is wearing a face mask, and a sign has been posted near by that says “stay safe”. In a time of social distancing, quarantine, concern, and loneliness, this statue is serving as a reminder that we are in in it together. The statue was originally created as a symbol to represent how all we all interconnected, and that is true now more than ever.

Traveler is meant to serve as a reminder of how we are all interconnected, influenced by others, and that everyone’s life story matters. May your travels be safe, inspirational and meaningful.

Little Falls Granite Works

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