See Inside the Planters Nutmobile

Nothing kick starts a work week like a 26-foot-long peanut rolling into the parking lot.

The Planters Nutmobile is spending the week driving around and making appearances around Central Minnesota. It made a stop at my radio station bright and early on a Monday morning, and it took me by surprise. I was going to get a cup of coffee and not expecting to see that in the front parking lot.

The interns driving the nut around were all super friendly and informative, they were handing out peanuts, and sharing what their training and first few weeks on the job have been like.

I found out I had a lot in common with them, they mentioned that part of the process of being selected involved a desire to explore places people normally wouldn’t go. They are basically “small town touristing”. If I can call that a verb. Shannon, one of the Peanutters, said they pretty much set their own schedule and get two days off a week to explore the area they are in. A couple places they hit up in Central Minnesota include Hemker Park and Zoo in Freeport, and Quarry Park in Waite Park.

The Nutmobile itself is super impressive. I’ve been in a couple Wienermobiles, and I’d much rather ride around in the nut. I found it far more spacious, and I loved the touch of Mr. Peanut history on the ceiling.

Thank you Peanuters Shannon, Danny, and Grace for stopping by and showing us your awesome ride for the upcoming year. Wishing you safe travels and many fun memories.


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