An Old Creamery in Randall, MN Has Been Converted into a Quilter’s Dream

I had no clue that Randall had a quilt shop, and I had even less of a clue as to how awesome that quilt shop is.

As I was on my way home to Long Prairie this weekend, my mom called and asked me if I wanted to go with her to Randall. Not a question I get too often, considering Randall is a pretty small town, and I had no idea what my mom wanted to do there. She explained she needed some fabric for a project and wanted to go to the quilt shop.

The shop in question is called the Old Creamery Quilt Shop, named for the building it operates out of. The historic town creamery from the 1900’s was actually the first in the small town to have indoor plumbing, and now it is something out of a seamstress’ dream.

I have just gotten into sewing myself, and I was on the hunt for some really unique fabrics for dog bandanas. I haven’t mustered up the courage to make a quilt, but when I do, I’ll be returning to this place. They had precut quilt kits, fabrics by the yard, bolt, and fat quarter, and other projects like bags and towels. There was no shortage of sewing inspiration.

The best part was truly the building itself. The building is in spectacular shape with hardwood floors, gorgeous brick walls, and, my favorite, the giant thick glass windows. It was stunning to see and fun to imagine it as an operational creamery.

The first-floor fabric isn’t the only thing that happens in that building. They also offer classes for people to learn to sew, and there is a boutique that is open on the second floor a couple weekends a month. It is a really neat place to check out, and not what I was expecting in Randall. But now that I know that it is there, I will definitely be back.

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