An Alien UFO Landed in a Field in Little Sauk, Minnesota

This isn’t what you expect to see when driving down winding gravel roads through Little Sauk.

About a month ago my fiancĂ©’s sister sent me a message asking if I had seen the alien spaceship in Little Sauk. It was possibly the most confusing text I had ever received.

The spaceship she was talking about is an art piece in a field on the back gravels of Little Sauk, Minnesota.

The spaceship is really a large metal saucer shaped design that spins in the wind, and stands on 5 thin metal poles. It looks like something straight out of an alien invasion movie. To really seal the deal on what this field ornament is, there is a bright green alien descending a ladder into the corn. You can almost hear it say “take me to your leader”.

I’m not sure who owns this field where the alien has set up camp, or why it’s there at all, but it’s super cool to see this when driving the back roads. In an area that is mainly fields and forests, a random UFO and alien are a welcome change of scenery. Growing up my family always went for “deer drives” where we drove around looking for deer and I know my sister and I would have loved to spot an alien as kids.

Thank you to whoever put up this display, you’ll likely be spared when the real aliens come.


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