Swapping Radio Stories with Central Minnesota Legend John Uran

Let’s rewind to my first interview to work for Townsquare Media in St. Cloud. I was given a tour of the building by my (then potential) future boss Chad Taylor, and when we arrived at the sales area, the first stop was at the cubicle of John Uran.

John immediately asked me if I had lunch plans and offered to take Chad and me out for lunch. This man had known me for 10 whole seconds and was already extending his valuable time to me. I’d come to find out, that’s just the kind of guy he is. When I called my mom after the interview that day to recap how it went, she was beyond excited. John Uran was the DJ on KCLD in her formative years and she was a big fan.

I spent seven wonderful years working with John at Townsquare Media in St. Cloud. His deep list of contacts always kept me busy from remotes at Summerland and Crafts Direct, to DJing the annual summer patio party at the Clearwater Travel Plaza. I knew when he was bringing me a gig or project, it was going to be good.

When I first started my podcast I made a wishlist of people I wanted to have as guests, and his name was added right away. John has stories for days, and I knew he would be a great guest to commemorate my time as a radio DJ.

Please enjoy The Small Town Tourist Podcast with special guest John Uran.


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