My Favorite Sign of Spring Popped Up at Sams Club

Mid-March has arrived in Central Minnesota, and the phrase “in like a lion” doesn’t even begin to describe the weather we have had.

This winter has been the 6th snowiest on record in Minnesota, and less than halfway through March we already had over 13 inches of snow. And as I type this we are expected to get another six inches of snow with blustery conditions in the coming 48 hours. Remind me again why I live here?

I actually got a good reminder of why I call Minnesota home last weekend when I was shopping at Sams Club. I walked in the door and past the rows of giant TVs to see my favorite products dangling from the ceiling: the summer floaties.

The giant innertubes that come in every shape size and color were all inflated and on display proudly as the snow and wind blew outside the sliding doors. A hopeful reminder of the sunny skies, and thawing ice to come.

In years past I would jump right on sending photos to my family, asking which ones they liked and if they needed me to pick any up for the lake this summer, but not this year. It is just still too cold to be planning that far out. I feel like once we get that stray 50-degree day, I’ll be in the mood but summer is just too far out yet to make that inflatable toy purchase for the year.

It was reassuring though to see a sign of spring/summer in stores. Lake time still seems so far out of reach but seeing the giant inflatable island that comes with its own sun shade did make it feel just a tad bit closer.


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