Central Minnesota Woman Shares Giggles Wherever She Goes

Tina Van Herr might just hold the record for crashing the most parties in Central Minnesota. For the past 17 years, Tina has been dressing in costumes and showing up “unannounced” as part of Giggle-Gram Entertainment.

Giggle-Gram is Central Minnesota’s premier telegram and entertainment provider. In addition to the telegram service, they also perform at corporate events, holiday parties, or wherever you need a show.

The company started when Tina’s husband encouraged her to give the business a shot when her previous job was switching leadership. After a trip to Savers they had dozens of characters people could choose from for appearances, but it didn’t take long for two of the characters to really stand out and become the bread and butter of the business: Aunt Phyliss and Bonnie The Barfly.

Aunt Phyliss is a good ole Minnesota woman, she loves a potluck, a family get-together, and being in other people’s business. She even has her own show, Bingo Fever, that she puts on with her husband Leonard.

Bonnie the Barfly is everyone’s favorite party girl. She’s always down for a good time, and knows how to rock a red dress, fishnet stockings, and heels.

Tina’s experience in the entertainment industry goes far beyond two key characters. She has worked in Las Vegas, the Twin Cities as part of an improv show, hosted drag shows, and you may have even seen her perform in the past as part of the band at Legend’s Bar and Grill at the Holiday Inn in St. Cloud.

Tina said that it has been incredible bringing joy to people all these years. She has been part of so many celebrations and she said that she’s even heard of pictures of Bonnie or Aunt Phyliss being part of memory boards for people that have passed. When she shows up at parties and celebrations, people don’t easily forget it.

Hear more from Tina about Giggle-Gram Entertainment on The Small Town Tourist Podcast.


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