The Full Circle Moment of DJing the Prom You Attended 10 Years Ago

This weekend I had the honor of DJing the prom dance for Long Prairie-Grey Eagle High School. This was the third prom I have DJ’ed for the school, and as always it was an absolute blast. The kids and staff at the school put so much work into putting on this event for the students year after year.

What made this one extra special was the theme. It was Once Upon a Prom, Disney-themed, and it hit me extra hard. 10 years ago was my junior prom, and I remember pitching the idea to the prom committee to do a Disney theme. It got shot down, and we landed on a Chinese/zen garden theme. Looking back that theme was great and we put a lot of hard work into it. But getting to DJ a prom dance that was the theme I longed for 10 years ago felt like a great full-circle moment.

I actually married my prom date from high school, and we keep our prom photo from 10 years ago on our fridge. It is something I see multiple times every single day, and it is a wonderful reminder of the youthful love we have for each other, and how far we have come as people.

Since that prom, we started our careers, got a house, adopted a dog, traveled so many places, got married, and made countless memories along the way. Some of those memories include two trips to Disney World in Florida and a trip to Disneyland Paris. Being the DJ at that Disney-themed prom this weekend made me realize just how grateful I am to be married to my own prom date from high school. Not everyone has that luxury.

The kids spent the night dancing, singing, and celebrating and I’m so happy that I got to be a part of their special night. I can only hope that 10 years from now they look back fondly on their prom and the memories they made.


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