5 Reasons Small Lakes Are The Best

For the past five years, my family has had a lake lot on a small lake near a small town. It is everything you want in a place to relax and unwind. We’ve gotten to the point where we can’t remember what we did before we spent our summers at the lake. Here are five reasons I think small lakes are the absolute best!

The Neighbors –
When the lake is small, there are less people living on it. Our lake neighbors are literal rock stars. They have a Beatles cover band and performed for the whole lake this summer. And when it’s really hot out everyone gathers in the middle with floaties. You can’t beat that!

Learning the Lake –
Our lake is about 100 acres, and has just under 2 miles of shore line. It’s small enough to be able to know it’s quirks, but big enough to always find new ones.

Quiet Water –
Small lakes see less traffic because there is less room for lots of people to be tubing, skiing, jet skiing, and all that crazy stuff. The lake gets busy on holiday weekends, but for the most part it is super quiet and peaceful.

Good Fishing –
I don’t fish myself, but less people knowing about the lake and being on it must mean better fishing.

Private Oasis –
Vacations can be crazy and hectic and sometimes more stressful in real life. A weekend at a small secluded lake is the perfect reset button for life.

Do you have a favorite small lake? Share it in the comments below! Be sure to check out my Instagram for summer fun at the lake!


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