Granny’s Pantry Serving Sweets and Smiles in Battle Lake for 30 Years

The town of Battle Lake has less than 1,000 people, but everyone in the area has a sweet tooth. So much so that they have helped keep Granny’s Pantry serving up treats for 30 years.

Growing up, my family would spend multiple weeks a summer at a resort in Ashby, Minnesota and the week also involved a drive into Battle Lake at some point for ice cream and candy at Granny’s Pantry.

My go-to was always a 2-foot-long gummy snake, and a mixed bag of random salt water taffy. They have every flavor of taffy under the sun at Granny’s Pantry, it’s impossible to just have one. (But if I had to, it would be the chocolate chip cookie flavor!)

On top of the candy, they also make their own fudge and bars, and lines out the door for their 40 flavors of ice cream. What ever your sweet tooth is craving, you can find at Granny’s Pantry.

Now I get to go back every summer as an adult because my grandparents built a cabin in that area. It’s a lot of fun to see my younger cousins get to enjoy the same treats I did as a kid, and I hope the tradition continues for 30+ more years!

Granny’s Pantry Salt Water Taffy Selection, or at least a table of it. – Abbey Minke
Granny’s Pantry Store Front – Abbey Minke

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