Taqueria Chavez in Long Prairie is an Authentic Mexican Cuisine Dream

A gigantic burrito is always a highlight of a trip home to Long Prairie.

Taqueria Chavez is one of the few restaurants that call Main Street home in this little town. Luckily for the town of just over 3,000, there is a strong Mexican community sharing their mouth watering recipes with the rest of the area.

Taqueria Chavez opened up in 2014, and has since expanded it’s area to accommodate to more diners as people learned of it’s greatness.

The second you walk in you are greeted with the smell of homemade Mexican cooking. Fresh herbs, seared and seasoned meats, and warm tortillas are all waiting to be consumed.

My go-to order is always their Carne Asada burrito. The thing is the size of my forearm! Grilled beef, beans, rice, lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, and sour cream all wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. Served with a side of verde sauce that I would dip EVERYTHING into if I could. And at a price point of $5, it’s hard to turn it down.

I also like to order a side of a pineapple tamale to cut the sweetness of the savory flavors of the burrito. I also just really really like their pineapple tamales. They are a texture and flavor masterpiece wrapped in a corn husk.

Other menu items I would recommend whole heartedly:

  • Tortas (Sandwich)
  • Floutas (Crispy fried tacos)
  • Nachos for the table (They are huge. Share.)
  • Fajita Platters
  • Lots of tacos. They are served with cilantro, onion and lime. The way a taco should be.

The next time you are craving real-deal Mexican cuisine, or are in the Long Prairie area, you gotta stop at Taqueria Chavez. Trust me.

Check out their Trip Advisor page here!


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