There is a Secret Cookie Dough Bar Hidden in Battle Lake, Minnesota

Everyone knows the best part of making cookies is sneaking bites of the raw dough.

No one knows that better than Smakin’ Cakes in Battle Lake. This cookie dough bar is hidden in a back alley of the small town, but is so worth seeking out.

As you are walking the main drag through Battle Lake you pass numerous bait shops, gift stores, and restaurants. But hidden behind a giant fish sculpture (his name is Rusty) is Smakin’ Cakes. Their brightly colored teal porch and order window beckon passerby’s to stop in.

There is no in-store seating. This order window is like a drive-thru for people on foot. The alley they’re in is one that doesn’t allow cars.

The flavors coming out of the window though- holy moley! They know how to make cookie dough that packs a punch. My go-to is the monster cookie dough that is chuck full of M&M’s, oatmeal, chocolate chips, and goodness.

All the cookie dough at Smakin’ Cakes is made with safe to eat ingredients, so the only way you’ll get sick is if you eat too much. Which is possible, this stuff is so good it’s hard to know when to stop.

I also like to wash it down with a lemonade or coffee. They have awesome cold brew coffee! The perfect way to caffeinate during a day of walking and shopping.

Smackin’ Cakes is open May- Labor Day every summer, which true for most stores in the Battle Lake area. They cater to the lake goer’s. So as you plan your summer trips for next year, keep Smackin’ Cakes in mind for your day trip into Battle Lake!


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