Alexandria Has Been Named “Minnesota’s Best Town” for 2019

Alexandria has been named Minnesota Monthly Magazine‘s Best Minnesota Town for 2019.

The selection process used wide-ranging criteria including responses from the towns to questions about its traits and engagement, qualitative and quantitative research, as well as an online public vote.

Echo Press

Early in 2019, the magazine sent out a call to towns across the state for entries into the third year of this contest. The main question they were trying to answer was “which town most embodies the Spirit of Minnesota?”

Reed Fischer, senior editor of Minnesota Monthly said, “It’s a beautiful year-round destination with a rich history and a bright future.”

I find myself in the Alexandria area quite often. My sister lives there, my uncle owns a business there, and my dad works in the town. It is a booming area in the summer, filled with smiling tourists, and year round has an overwhelming sense of community.

It’s downtown area boasts many small businesses, shops, restaurants, a theater and all the charm of a small town. Head north and you are met with all the modern convinces of a bigger city (Walmart, Target, Fleet Farm, Menards, grocery stores).

I think the City of Alexandria website does a great job of summing up the area:

1. The perfect place to vacation and enjoy beautiful lake country

2. Birthplace of America steeped in tradition and a rich history

3. A booming micropolitan thriving in manufacturing, health services, food processing, and more.

With plenty of fun things to see and do year round, great dining and shopping options, and a small town feel in a growing city, I think Alexandria is more than deserving of the title of Best Minnesota Town 2019.

Congratulations Alex! The next time you are in town, grab a Nice Juice, and go say “hello” to Big Ole!


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