An Open Letter to Minnesota Lake Towns

Dear Minnesota Lake Towns,

It’s been a long winter, and as docks start to go into the lakes, and we make sure our tackle boxes are fully stocked, we are eager to head your way again.

I have been so anxious to get back to the lake, it’s still a bit early in the season, but a couple of weeks ago it was particularly nice out on a Friday and I found myself day dreaming about going to the lake. Loading up the car on a Friday afternoon, hitting the road, and visiting my lake town once again. Scooping the minnows at the gas station, heading to the small town grocery store for a bag of chips and a slushie, making a last minute pit stop at the liquor store that is connected to the bar. It all sounds so magical after being away for half a year.

I love that breath of fresh air when I step out of the car in my lake town, it just hits different. It’s a breath of air that recharges a tired soul after a long work week and welcomes in the possibility of fun and relaxation.

I can’t wait to see that “Welcome to Swanville” sign once again this spring, and I’m looking forward to another summer at my favorite place.

See you real soon beloved lake town.


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