Summer Is Going By Way Too Fast

I feel like I blinked and summer is well over half done.

Summer 2020 was filled with nothing but lake time. Nothing else was open so it was a pretty easy going, low-key season. Summer 2021 is the exact opposite. The green flag was waved on Memorial Day and I feel like my foot had been pinned on the gas ever since.

June brought us a heat wave that no one was expecting. There was a stretch of 90 degree days when the temperatures should have been closer to 70. So much time was spent on the golf course, and at the lake.

Next thing I knew it was late July and I was working the very last Moondance Jammin Country Fest up in Walker. It was an incredible weekend, but so bittersweet knowing that it was the last time I would be up there for the festival.

There was a gap weekend between Moondance and the 4th of July, but it went by in the blink of an eye. It was the 4th before we could even plan for it, and for a weekend that had zero plans, it was jam packed with visitors at the lake, catching up with friends and family, and of course the Pillsbury Parade.

Now we are past the 4th by two weekends, staring down the end of July. It just all feels like it is going too fast to even enjoy. I’m having fun, it feels so good to be able to be out and about and see things happening as they are supposed to.

But I as spoiled during the pandemic with an easy, do-nothing summer.

In my adult life I had never had a summer like 2020 where there were no side-gigs, no second jobs to be at, nothing but time on my hands. It was nice, and I gotta say I kinda miss it.

But as you sit and do nothing the world tends to pass by you. I’m doing my best to find the balance between the relaxation and the summer busy season. I think the solution to this is to just take more PTO to be at the lake.

I hope you are having an incredible summer yourself, and I’ll remember to take a step back an enjoy it if you will as well.


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